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Naval support in Singapore

The Richardson Brothers Foundation has continued its support for HMS Tamar - the Royal Navy's greenest warship - by sponsoring an event for the crew on a recent visit visit ashore in Singapore.

HMS Tamar on patrol in the Indian Ocean

HMS Tamar has been on permanent deployment in the Indo-Pacific region alongside her sister ship HMS Spey since 2021, when the government's Integrated Review set out how defence would support a broader tilt to the Indo-Pacific for the UK.

Working with partners and allies, the ships are helping to tackle security challenges and support nations against the impacts of climate change.

Lieutenant Commander Matt Millyard, Tamar’s executive officer, said:

The 90m-long patrol vessel has a pivotal role in tackling shared security challenges and developing relationships; we’re not a carrier, we’re not a massive warship or an intimidating force, we’re here as a force for good and a force for peace.

The Richardson family has a long history of supporting all branches of the UK's military

The relationship with HMS Tamar began in August 2021, just before the vessel deployed. Support has been provided to the crew in a number of ways, including the provision of supplies of Burning Barn rum.

HMS Tamar and Burning Barn Rum in Curacao

Singapore is a core market for the Richardson business, with previous investments based there including the successful artisan bakery chain, Baker & Cook.

Significant activity continues in the region, and the recent visit of HMS Tamar presented a perfect opportunity to connect a number of relationships together.

Some of the crew from HMS Tamar enjoying time ashore in Singapore


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