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Shadow Chancellor visits Richardson HQ

The Richardson family were delighted to welcome Rachel Reeves MP, the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, to their West Midlands Headquarters today for a roundtable discussion with regional business leaders.

Carl Richardson with Rachel Reeves, MP

The Leeds West MP was visiting the region for a series of meetings and engagements, and made the Richardson business roundtable her first port of call.

Carl Richardson, who chaired the session, said,

“We were delighted to welcome Rachel to our office and hear her set out Labour’s economic strategy and views on engaging with business, as well as having the opportunity to challenge and share key thoughts and concerns from a range of business leaders. "

"Good engagement and collaborative working between the business community and politicians from all parties is essential if we are to create the conditions for businesses to thrive in the period ahead, and today’s session with the Shadow Chancellor was a great example of that engagement in action.”


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