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Royal Navy launch the Richardson prize

The Royal Navy has confirmed the launch of the 'Richardson Prize', targeted at members of the Naval Reserve.

Supported by the Richardson Brothers Foundation, the competition is designed to encourage Reservists to submit proposals that can improve the Maritime Reserve and wider Naval Service through technological or innovative ideas that draw on areas where they possess particular knowledge, skills and experience.

In order to encourage the widest range of subject matter, and in keeping with the spirit of innovation that is a hallmark of the Richardson business, submissions are being welcomed in video and podcast-style formats alongside more traditional essays and presentations.

The Richardson prize is being awarded alongside the Warden Berry Prize, which is supported by the Naval Review. Together, both prizes are designed showcase the breadth of knowledge, skills and experience within the Maritime Reserve Force, and ensure that the military are fully capitalising on the connection with the private sector.

The competitions close in March 2024, with winners to be announced soon afterwards following a thorough judging process.

The Richardson family has a long history of supporting the military. More details on this can be found here: Support for the Military | Richardson (


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