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Knockout new school supported by Foundation

The Richardson Brothers Foundation has supported an innovative move by Priory Park Boxing Club to establish a brand-new school in the Wren’s Nest area of Dudley with a donation of £10,000.

L to R: Paul Faulkner, representing the Richardson Brothers Foundation, Paul Gough, Chair of Governors, Stuart Playford, Headteacher

Priory Park Community School opens its doors to pupils this month, and will provide support for young people with social, emotional and mental health difficulties, or who are at significant risk of permanent exclusion from mainstream school.

The community focussed school is the first of its kind in the country, offering a broad and balanced core curriculum but also focussing on mentoring through sporting activities, which will be led and delivered through the partnership with Priory Park Boxing Club.

The school is employing 15 staff and will initially take 35 pupils from across the area, with aims to grow and expand in future as the new model demonstrates the positive impact it can have on improving outcomes for young people in the area.

The boxing club has been working with local schools to support young people with challenging behaviour for a number of years, and the idea to establish a stand-alone school first came about 18 months ago from a conversation between the Chairman of the club, Paul Gough, and Stuart Playford, who is now the Head Teacher of the school.

Paul Gough, who is also the Chair of Governors for the school said;

“For almost 10 years now the Richardson family have helped and supported us through the Foundation, both financially and by giving advice, guidance and just by generally looking out for Priory Park Boxing Club and it’s best interests.
Without the help of Roy, Lee and the family we would not have been able to develop and extend the gym, enabling us to grow from 50 to now over 300 members. This means we can help more people in our community, including more vulnerable, disabled and young people of all ages.
The support of the family with the opening of our new Priory Park Community School means we will be able to help even more children in the area.“


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