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Investment update - Bikes & Biometrics

Ribble Cycles – based in Preston – are one of the longest established bicycle manufacturers in the world and design, manufacture and sell a variety of high-end hybrid, road and electric bikes. The Richardson family, via True Capital, has an investment in the company.

A promotional shot for the Ribble Rebellion

In March, Ribble announced the creation of a new 'crit' circuit racing team. Crit racing is a short circuit street race, often in closed-off central areas of cities. The team – Ribble Rebellion – has an international mix of riders and plan to compete at events in the USA, Canada, UK and Europe.  

More information on Ribble Cycles can be found at


A very different investment of the Richardson family – via Lonsdale Capital Partners – is Elite Electronics Ltd.

Situated in Enniskillen Northern Ireland, Elite is a market leader providing electronic manufacturing services, including for uses in biometric analysis and cardiology. They recently passed the stringent ISO 13485 audit, with this certification being testament to the team’s high standard of quality control in the manufacturing of their devices.

It is also a tangible demonstration of the company's stated commitment to 'delivering wow' and exceeding expectations for partners in all aspects of their electronics manufacturing.


More information on Elite Electronics can be found at


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