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2022 summer internship programme

University of Birmingham student, Max Carlin, recently completed a summer internship with RCL Partners, the retained advisors to the Richardson Family office.

In this clip, Max talks about his internship experience:

Commenting on the summer internship, Sarah Tasker, the Placements Team Leaders at the University of Birmingham's College of Social Sciences said:

“Undertaking a summer placement provides University of Birmingham students with a valuable opportunity to apply their subject knowledge in a practical setting, broaden their skill set, develop a professional network and contribute to real-world challenges.

We’re grateful to everyone at Richardson and RCL Partners for sharing their insights with our students and for taking the time to support their growth and development.

As an anchor civic institution it is vital for the University to work with businesses in the region to deliver impact.”

A spokesperson for RCL Partners said:

"We were delighted to work closely with the University of Birmingham and to support their students by offering an internship opportunity again this summer.

Max was a welcome addition to our team, adding value with the project work he undertook, and hopefully also picking up some tips that will help him shape his future career choices and progression."

Richardson and RCL Partners have supported summer internship programmes for students for a number of years. Any students interested in a placement for summer 2023 should contact


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