The Richardson family is keen to support the next generation of aspiring business people and offer internships to students at either their London or West Midlands offices.

Students are invited to apply and, if they are shortlisted, are interviewed for the opportunity to spend some time within the business.  The successful interns are asked to deliver a bespoke project, that is mutually beneficial to themselves as well as the Richardson business, and present their findings to a panel at the end of their placement.

Ria Walia

Ria Walia was one of the 2020 Richardson interns, who undertook a virtual work experience due to Coronavirus. Ria explains how her placement worked.


My virtual internship at RCL Partners involved one to one mentoring sessions and the creative freedom to produce meaningful work. Having been told of the uses of my work, this allowed me to envision its end use and benefits to the firm. I enjoyed the challenge of writing my first ever sector deep-dive research report, as a result, gaining several new skills, such as: analysing sources, critical thinking, report writing, data collection, summarising and categorising research. 

The stimulating work allowed me to develop key skills in an environment where I had the support and mentorship available. Every conversation had a purpose and positive impact on my project and my personal development.  Joe and found time for me even if it meant arranging additional sessions so I could ask them questions on their daily work, career journeys and general project inquiries.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at RCL Partners. Learning about the Private Equity industry, the firm’s culture and completing a research report made the programme an impactful and memorable professional experience

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